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Welcome to our Blog!
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Check out the Blog Archives to read about our cross country motorcycle road trip from MA to CA this summer. We attended the Annual 2011 National Women On Wheels® Ride-In in San Jose CA. Then we just rode. We traveled over 11,000 motorcycle miles in what ever direction we wanted to go. We visited friends and family, saw the country, met some amazing people. We made memories we'll never forget. These memories are what THIS BLOG is made of! Enjoy them while we make MORE memories worthy of posting here for your enjoyment.

About Us

I love my life.  I have three great kids, five precious grandies, my very own personal Hero and Cooper.  Life hasn't been easy.  Like anyone, I have sad stories I could tell.  I would rather not though.  I'm having too much fun now to look back at those days.
My Grandchildren
My Hero - Jesse
In 2003 I began riding a motorcycle.  I thought my life had become perfect then.  I was gaining more freedom since my kids were, at that time, 16, 17 and 19 years old.  I had the freedom to spend plenty of time riding and making new friends.  I was very happy.  Jesse (my Hero) got his own bike and was happy to ride with me.  Sometimes we rode in a group with friends, and sometimes it was just me and him.  I didn't care where we went or what we did.  I was having fun and loving my new hobby.

In 2006 we were joined by this magical little creature we call Cooper.  He is an amazing little dog.  I'm not quite sure how all his personality fits into that little body.  Honestly, he is bursting with greatness and he attracts smiling faces everywhere he goes.  His charm is infectious and contagious to anyone who stands near or directs their attention toward him.  'Magical' is a good word I've never used till now, but it fits.
Cooper at about 8 weeks old
Cooper was seven weeks and four days old when my son and I brought him home in mid December.  My intention was to train him to become a therapy dog.  I had never trained a dog professionally before.  Though I have always had dogs, my ability in training was limited to tricks and the basic sit/stay stuff.  I intended to do my best and learn as I went along.  It was harder than I thought it would be.  My little puppy was proving to be stubborn and too smart for me.  Thankfully I discovered the Dog Whisperer.  At that point we developed a better relationship with me as his Pack Leader and his real training began.

CTD Graduation
Cooper became a Certified Therapy Dog (CTD) three weeks shy of his first birthday.  Since then we have helped countless people, dogs, cats, even a bird.  We've been in parades.  I've been asked to ride with Cooper as the main feature in a benefit ride where motorcyclists will gather to raise money to help a no-kill shelter in our area.  He is the mascot for four motorcycle groups that Jesse and I belong to.  He has been the topic in news paper articles and the June 2011 issue of Dog Fancy Magazine.  He even had an acting roll where he played a wounded victim in an accident scene.  We went cross country for two months on my motorcycle, covering 11,000 miles in 61 days.  The list of his accomplishments goes on and will continue to be posted in the daily entries my blog.

This is Us!
Saving Cooper's most important contribution of all for last, I should say that, I gain the greatest benefit from him.  I used my own money and time to buy and train Cooper in order to help others feel better.  I poured my heart and soul into this little dog.  I studied and worked and learned and persevered.  I proudly succeeded and thoroughly enjoyed him every day.  I was able to take him everywhere.  He has stayed in hotels, motels, cabins, campers, tents and the houses of our friends and families.  He's ridden a motorcycle, in a side car, riding lawn mower, car, truck, handicap van, trolly, bus, helicopter and a sail boat.  He has enjoyed sailing on the water and swimming in it, even if all he can find is a hot tub or a kiddy pool.  He went EVERYWHERE and did EVERYTHING with me.  Then one day, I realized... the panic attacks I suffer from were occurring less frequently.  As a matter of fact, when I'm in public with Cooper, I don't have them at all.  I hadn't had to take my medication in almost two years while in public if I'm with him.  I still have them at home sometimes, but not in public.  How can that happen?  My best guess is that, with him, I'm his trainer first in my heart.  I think first of him and his behaviors and his manners.  I have more theories too that I plan to discuss later as they become clearer.  For now though, the point is, Cooper has become MY service dog.  He offers me emotional support.  I'm able to accomplish more with him than I ever did before.  I'm learning to be brave and capable and adventurous.  My world is becoming bigger.  I'm eager to explore.  I find that, with Cooper, I want to go places I never thought I wanted to go before.  I'm the one who needed Cooper to make me feel better this whole time.   Cooper is more to me than just any pet.  We have a special bond.  He knows when I need him and I'm here to make sure his life will be full and rich.  It's the least I can do for all he does for me.