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Welcome to our Blog!
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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little River In VT

This is a nice memory.  When we went on a 9 day road trip to NY a few years ago.  Our first night was in a nice little motel in VT with a stream running through the back yard.  Cooper really enjoyed his little hike over the stream in VT.

Monday, January 30, 2012

All Decked Out For A Parade

A few years ago we did a parade in Boston.  We were all decked out for flag day.

Cooper wore red and blue... he provides plenty of white.  My bike wore streamers and flags of all sorts.

And ME??? I wore purple to match my bike.  :0)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Don't You Tear That Blanket!

Ok, so when I took this video I didn't even consider Cooper may have buried something under the blanket.  Well, he did.  After I shut off the video, Jesse put his hand on the bed where he had been digging and there was a dog bone under there.  I was laughing so hard at his display of silliness that I didn't think he was trying to recover something.  He was asking for help and I miss read the whole thing.  

Saturday, January 28, 2012

AM Lovin' From Lisa

Buffy and Cooper love to get scrubbed and scratched every morning.  When they are visiting, they enjoy getting this attention together.  THIS time however, Cooper was being a goof ball and Buffy didn't want any part of it.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Sleeping With The Wolf

This is just a cute picture that Lisa took of Cooper sleeping on my love seat.  The love seat is covered with a throw blanket that has a picture of wolves on it.  It looks like Cooper is sleeping nose to nose with a wolf who is staring at him. 

Just a silly favorite picture of mine.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Photo Op In RI

While at the Convention Center in RI for the motorcycle show, we walked by this huge painted tile wall in the lobby.  I couldn't resist taking pictures of Cooper against that painting.  The colors were so bright and he was in such a great mood.  

Look how happy he is since he's seen the motorcycles.  We're all looking forward to spring.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

RI Motorcycle Show

Jesse and I decided to take a drive to Providence RI to go to a motorcycle show. We had never been to a RI show before.

Cooper came also of course.  He enjoyed all the bikes, the attention he got AND the beef jerky Jesse bought.

He was so cute when I was ready to take pictures.  I had him sit right next to a bike.  He looked at the seat as if he was expecting to sit ON the bike not NEXT TO the bike.

He was in a great mood at the show.  I think maybe he has missed the bikes this winter, just like us.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lisa Snuggling With The 'Kids'

Yes, this is a little slice of Puppy Heaven.

How sweet it is when both of them come to sit with you and do this?  


Monday, January 23, 2012

Poop Walk

On the coldest night of the year at about sunset, I took Cooper out to poop.  He really wanted to go out too.  I thought he would poop and run back to the house to get away from the cold.  

Not this time Mama.  He wants to play!  No pooping... just running, jumping, playing, growling, barking....  

As you may have already guessed... we had to go back out to poop later that night when it was even DARKER and COLDER.  Brrrrr.....

Sunday, January 22, 2012


                                                Buffy is an inquisitive little girl. 
                                                                                              She wanted to investigate every inch, inside and out of Cooper's back yard.  

                                    Cooper stood by watching her smell all his favorite places.  

He would watch her smell one place... 

                                                       ... then follow her to the next.  

They are just so CUTE together!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

This Is What Cooper REFUSES To Wear!

Do you see how much he HATES his helmet and goggles?  He's only leaving them alone because I told him to stay.  So he is in the process of throwing his head back to shake them off.  Usually he just puts his head down and uses his paw to push it forward off his head.  

Friday, January 20, 2012

Buffy And Cooper Play Time

You might never see two happier dogs.  

Cooper is enjoying playing with his new Christmas toys with Lisa...

while Buffy raids Cooper's box of chew treats.  

What a WONDERFUL visit we had.  I wish we had a couple more weeks of this visiting fun before it was over.  I think Cooper wishes that too.  He loved having Buffy and Lisa here for the weekend.  

Watch them here as they enjoy their night.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

When Daddy Got Home

RIP Uncle Mo

Cooper's Daddy went out of town for five days to attend Uncle Mo's funeral services.  

When it was time to come home he took turns driving from TN to NY to drop off his travel mates, then the rest of the way to MA alone.  Even though he had people to drive in shifts with most of the way, he was exhausted when he arrived home at 4 AM.  

Cooper was very excited but not allowed to bark at 4 am.  He wiggled in excitement for a few minutes and then laid down between me and Jesse with a HUGE sigh.  Daddy's home and all is right in Cooper's world.  

When I went to work that morning after feeding Cooper his breakfast, Cooper and Jesse were sound asleep and snuggled close.  I could feel Cooper's happiness as he looked at me with one eye as I left.  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cooper Wants Something

Another really cute display of Cooper getting his message across when he wants something.  He wanted a snack (what else is new) and went to his bag of food in the kitchen.  He was told to bring me what he wanted.  There is a broken treat jug behind the bag of food that he tried to bring to me.  He's so smart...  REALLY good at making his wants and needs known.  I see this kind of communication every day from him but it's really fun to get it on video and share it. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wheel Barrow Rides

Jesse was doing some work at our house for our friend and landlord, Mike.

Cooper saw the wheel barrow and wanted to ride in it, so Jesse allowed it.  Every time Jesse had a load to dump, Cooper would follow him to the dumpster and sniff around and pee while Jesse emptied the wheel barrow.

At the end of the ride, Cooper saw the motorcycle police pull into the yard next to us.  He stopped everything to watch.  He seemed to hope that the police bike would visit us, but they didn't... they went across the street in stead.

Monday, January 16, 2012

YouTube Thank You Message From Buffy Simmons

Here is a special youtube message from Buffy Simmons.  She is thanking all her well-wishers for their support and prayers after being attacked by a German Shepherd.  She is healing well and is in good spirits as you can see.  

Cooper actually watched this clip and tipped his head as Buffy spoke.  It was VERY cute to watch.  We can't wait to see our little girl again.  She looks so sore.  The poor thing, but as you can see, she's on the mend. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Scratch Me ALL OVER Mama!

Have you ever gotten your whole back scratched?  Doesn't  it felt SOOOOOOOOO good?  Well, there aren't very many words that can say more than what This Video can convey.

In my opinion, Cooper is having one of those scratches.  

He was unwilling to pay attention to anything else while the scratching took place.  After... he felt was so relaxed, he was like butter.  Yup... one of the scratches that will make you feel weak and content at the same time.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Buffy Is Home From The Hospital


Buffy did extremely well over night in the animal hospital.  By yesterday morning, the word was that she was bearing weight on all four legs and acting fine.  The bites have to be watched for infection, but the doctors were pleased.

Lisa picked Buffy up after work.  Buffy behaved like the perfect passenger. 

When they got home and settled, Buffy gave her Hero-Mom the BEST Poodle-Hugs Ever!

Welcome home Buffy.  We love you and we're so glad you're ok.  

resting peacefully
warm compress

Friday, January 13, 2012

Buffy is in the hospital :(

I'm hoping everyone will join me in wishing a speedy recovery to our beloved Buffy Simmons.  She was attacked by a neighborhood dog, a German Shepherd,  late yesterday afternoon.  She is currently resting comfortably in the local animal hospital until this afternoon when she will be able to go home. 

The fence the Shepherd broke through to attack Buffy

Buffy's mom, Lisa, was a brave hero.  She jumped into action to rescue poor Buffy.  She fought off the bigger dog with her bare hands.  She then draped over Buffy who was on the ground, shielding Buffy with her own body against any further attacks.  

I can't imagine the horror they must have felt as this episode unfolded.  I'm so glad to know Buffy should make a full recovery.  Doctors are almost certain that other than a possible nicked tendon, and barring any infection, Buffy should be fine.  

My heart goes out to Lisa and Buffy, but also to the neighbor, owner of the other dog, who has taken responsibility for this attack.  She is paying for Buffy's hospital bill, and she will be returning her dog to the breeder where it was bought. 

Buffy's right shoulder
Buffy's left shoulder

Hugs and wags to you Buffy, get well soon.  A MEDAL OF HONOR to your mom Lisa.  We're so proud of your heroism Lisa.  Words can't express.  We love you both and will see you as soon as we can.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Daddy... Can I Come In???

Jesse had to nap during the day one day.  He was going to paint a restaurant during the night while they were closed.  Napping was the best he could get.  Cooper wouldn't stay still enough for Jesse to nap, so he put him out of the room. 

Cooper was so sad about not being able to nap with Jesse, that he just laid by the door with his nose to the space under the door.  He was smelling what he thought may help him to understand what this was all about.