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Welcome to our Blog!
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Thursday, June 30, 2011


I got this idea a couple of years ago.  Since Cooper is such a little celebrity, I wanted to buy patches for him so he could leave his mark on the vests and jackets of his fans.  It's kind of expensive to do but the more well known he got, the more I wanted to do it.

I FINALLY made up my mind to do it when it was ALMOST too late to bring with us on our cross country trip.  I googled patch companies, and the first one I clicked on was the perfect choice.  BUTLER Sourcing!  Vicky was SO helpful and worked hard to get the patches done without a day to spare, having to email samples for approval.  

All I did was send her a picture of Cooper and she did the rest.

I didn't want to pay the extra for the speedy shipping, so she got them done and shipped within the time allowed for regular shipping cost and they arrived via FedEx on the day I wanted them so I could bring them to my Women On Wheels meeting.

I opened them and gave the first one to Cooper.  

I have to try to put it on his harness before we leave.  I really want him to wear it, and I'm going to put one on each of my riding jackets and one on my Women On Wheels vest.  Jesse has two vests to put them on.  I'll probably put one on Cooper's black hoodie too.  The rest I'll bring along with us and sell to bikers all across the USA!  

Thank you Vicky, for putting up with the likes of me.  You were very accommodating and I hope those who read this blog see this as my HIGHEST recommendation to your services at BUTLER Sourcing.  You'll be hearing from us again.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Riding On Daddy's Bike!

Cooper has only EVER ridden with me.  I have never put him on anyone else's bike.  Until...  

On Sunday, I took Logan on my bike to go for ice cream a few miles away.  I had Cooper in front of me on the way there.  He was ok, but with my grand son on the back, I would rather not worry about Cooper's behaviors.  I knew he would bark his head off the whole time if I put him in another vehicle, so I rode with Cooper in front and Logan on the back seat.  

It was fine but when we pulled into the parking lot and there were other dogs there and he had to bark and greet them.  He was up on his feet and all excited.  When I stopped the bike he fell off and dangled from his harness where he was tethered to a leash tied around my waist.  No big deal really.  I had to just let him fall knowing he would dangle by my thigh until I parked the bike and picked him back up.  With a seven year old on the back, I'm not too worried about Cooper's poor decision until I safely parked the bike.

We had a big convoy of ice creamers with us and we were in the lead.  All the others were in three cars who followed along.  We all had our ice cream while sitting at picnic tables at one of our favorite ice cream places that has been around since I was little. Jesse came along to ride home with us.  THIS is when I decided to try putting Cooper on Jesse's bike with him.  I figured he would be ok if we rode together.  I tied the leash around Jesse's waist and Cooper sat in front of him as he would have with me.  The look on his face wasn't good.  He was very confused and a little upset.

I wish these pictures weren't so BLURY!


lots of wind here

Looking back from under Jesse's right arm
We got underway figuring this would calm him down.  With me in the lead, we thought he would be ok since he could see me.  Wrong... he barked like crazy!  So Jesse passed me and rode ahead of me.  Cooper looked back at me.  A bit unhappy still.  Jesse pulled way ahead of me.  Later he said that was better for Cooper.  He was better when I wasn't near.  I really thought he would be fine, but it appears he's not happy to ride with me unless he's on MY BIKE.  Hmmm... is he spoiled? set in his ways? creature of habit? A MAMA'S BOY?!?!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


During our family day, one of the things we wanted to do  was to dig up a memorial box we buried when my father died.  He was cremated so we had no grave side ceremonies.  We put together a box of things that were his or that reminded us of him and that was our closure for the need to have a place to visit him and remember him.  We bought a bench and a plant and a lawn decoration to mark the spot where the box was.

Over time the plant died... the lawn decoration became broken and was thrown away, and the bench was moved back so we could mow the grass.  When it came time to dig up the box, (12 years later) we couldn't find it.  

Cooper wanted to help by barking at EVERY SHOVEL FULL!!

The whole short story I just told meant NOTHING to Cooper.  All he knew was that we were playing one of his favorite games!  Watch him go!

Dirty Face!

Monday, June 27, 2011

3 Up with Logan

Our family day was an exciting one on many levels.  Logan has been on my bike to go around a school parking lot a few times last year.  He was scared at first then, but before he was done he was happy he did it.
This time he went on the road with me to go for ice cream.  His mother followed behind in one car and her grandmother, Great Grandmother to Logan... my mom.  Behind her was Logan's father with Lucas and Kyra in the car with him.  And behind them was Shannon and her friend.  Everyone wanted to watch Logan ride.  

By the way, I think all Cooper cared about was that he was on the tank again.  He has less ability to get comfortable in front, but gets more attention from me because if he sits up I can give him good attention, AND he can see where we're going.  Not bad...

Even though Lucas and Kyra aren't even 2 and 3 years old yet, I think they are both getting ready to ride.  What do you think?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grandies vs Cooper

Little by little my grandies are getting a bit more brave with Cooper.  Kyra is almost two and she is beginning to play with Cooper even while he's barking, growling and tugging on toys. 

Some of this comes from watching Logan play.  At seven years old, he's strong and able to give Cooper some competition.  Kyra is still gentle.  Cooper wants her to tug with all her might and Kyra is just having fun being this close to Cooper and playing his game.  

Lucas, who is almost three, still doesn't really care much unless Cooper takes one of the toys he was trying to play with.  Then Lucas lets us know, 'Hey! No Cooper! I had that first!'  SO CUTE!!! 

I love to see the interactions when children and animals aren't afraid any more and they get to explore this 'new thing' for the first time right in front of me.  It's truly a gift to be able to watch this growth.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pajama Party!

We had our family cookout day on Sunday.  Desiree, Shannon, Logan, Lucas and Kyra stayed over night on saturday.  They all brought sleeping bags to sleep on the floor.  

Cooper really liked this game a lot. With all those sleeping bags to crawl into, he was occupied for quite a while.  He really loves this game, as you can tell by the video.

And the kids love it too.  It's so fun to watch them learn to play with Cooper.  He'll play with anyone.  Sometimes he scares the kids a little though.  He never had to be careful when he was learning to play.  He really gets into the game.  I guess it's a guy thing.

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Vet Visit Like NO Other!

Cooper had to get his Lyme shot, os off we went to the vet for an all-too-familiar visit.  His shots have been given separately to monitor him for allergies.  He has done GREAT with his shots.  Not one reaction!  We take care to separate the shots so as not to overload his little body.  

After the shot we hang around for half an hour to make sure we are still there with the vet in case he does react to the shot.  While we wait, Cooper loves to check out the fish pond and all the smells from the other animals who have visited the same area.  This time there were fish in the fish pond.  Cooper loves fish ponds so this was a real treat.  He got so carried away with excitement.  He was so funny in his pursuit of the fish.  I don't know what he would have done if he got to touch one.  He seems like he wants to play with them, but how do you play with a fish?

I hope you enjoy the video.  As you'll see, he really got into this game.  I mean REALLY got into it.  I mean SO into it that I had to pull him out of the water! 

Watch and see...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Amongst All This Chaos!

We've been consistently packing and moving all of our belongings to storage.  We're selling the house at the same time we prepare to go cross country on the bikes.

Cooper has been upset by all this activity as he sees box after box, truck-load after truck-load being taken to storage.  The house frequently gets to be a mess with things in boxes, piles and categories.

Cooper explores and sniffs all the things we put in places they have never been before. 

He seems to be content with some of the re-arrangement.  A big fluffy comforter in the middle of the living room floor suits Cooper just fine.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On The Arm Of The Love Seat

No, I didn't pose him like this.  I was working on my lap top and Cooper came over to hang out with me.  He jumped up on the arm of the love seat and settled in like this.  Jesse was the one who noticed him and took this picture.  He was laughing so hard that the first ones came out blurry.  He's such a character.  He has no idea how funny he is!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Knotty Mess!

From time to time Cooper's long hair on the top of his head becomes snarled and uncomfortable for him.  Sometimes the snarls get tight to Cooper's skin and pulls evert time to Cooper's skin and pulls every time someone scruffs his hair. 

Many people can't resist doing this when they see the cute little dog with the blue hair.  Combing out the knots isn't the most pleasant task, but one that we endure two or three times per year.

As with most grooming tasks Cooper will settle himself for the duration by laying out across my lap.  He doesn't rest much because he's always worried about the next snag where the comb gets stuck and I pull too much.  I use a detangler for children and really soak the hair so he snarls loosen up.  One by one I work on each of his knots that started out as a beautiful little curl, and soon would be again.

By the time I get to the end of this task, I have a pile of light blue hair from his head.  This hair is the cause of all the trouble.  As some hair falls out and becomes trapped in the curls, they contribute to the snarls.  When I remove all the dead hair by combing it out , his hair is returned to a fluffy, blue plume of hair on his head with soft curls restored to it's softness that people oooh and aaah over when they touch it.

Once again, I thought it would be nice for people to see him as this process takes place.  There is definitely quite a bit of up keep that goes along with keeping my boy beautiful, but when all is said and done, the end result is a soft, comfortable hair-doo.  A clean showered dog.  And another 4 to 6 months before we have to worry about snarl patrol and knot management again.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dogs Don't Wear BIBS

My daughter gave me a few baby things to pass along to a friend who is pregnant.  This bib was so cute and it says, "The WOOF Club" on it, so I couldn't resist putting it on Cooper. He doesn't care.  

He just lets me do what I want then looks at the camera until I'm done with my silliness.  

You can almost read his mind, "Yeah Ma, just get it over with. Will ya?"

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Out For A Walk

One day last week I was outside with Cooper and Gabrielle.  Cooper was leading the way and Gabrielle was bringing up the rear.  

We walked the perimeter of our yard, then Cooper headed down the back driveway.  

Things were so quiet and peaceful.  I thought I could capture the mood with my camera.

I guess you would have to be the judge of my success in capturing the mood I felt.  

These pictures feel like leisure to me and I remember perfect temperature, a gentle breeze and only sounds from my neighborhood that included other dogs barking and some children playing.  

There was some traffic sounds but nothing invasive.  It was a really nice day.  I was bare foot with my sweat shirt unzipped to just a t-shirt to keep my front warm.

Days like this are few.  I was happy to be outside to small the spring blooms this year.  

With the house being sold, it's our last spring here.  Bitter sweet I must admit.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shopping in Wal*Mart

Andy and I went to Wal*Mart last week.  Cooper comes in with us.  I meant to get some good pictures of Cooper in action, but juggling two shopping lists and answering questions about Cooper became my main task.  I totally forgot to take pictures, so this one is the only one I got.  Not good I know, but I'll try again another day.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Cute video I found of Cooper playing In The Snow

A couple of years ago my niece came over with her dog Sadie.  Sadie is a Pembroke Corgi.  She's a few years older than Cooper and Loves to play.

When they visited there had been a recent deep snow.  Not so deep for us actually but when your legs are only 6 to 8 inches long, it's deep.

I let both dogs go off leash.  Sadie comes back every time she is called.  I knew Cooper would stay right with her.  Back then Cooper was still learning to come when called.  It was nice to give them the freedom to run and the confidence that I could cal them back to me without trouble.

They played and chased and ran all over the yard.  They were so much fun to watch.  This was Cooper's first time playing chase with a dog.  He was only about a year old, two at the most.  He's had a lot of time playing with another dog now, but I'm really glad I got this first time on video.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hanging out with some FAVORITE Aunties in Hull...

What a BEAUTIFUL day it was.  And a great ride.

Often times the picture tells the story.

And... Often times, the story tells it's self...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Helmet Laws SUCK.  Cooper could be the face of the new poster child for the anti-helmet law.  He wants NOTHING TO DO WITH WEARING A HELMET.  

Cooper's mother, on the other hand. wears them even in states where they aren't required.   


Good Luck convincing Cooper of that!