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Sunday, October 2, 2011

August 23 - Part 1 - Woah Nelly!

Today is Jesse's birthday AND our 60th day on the road!!!  One of the things that made his day so special was to go visit his niece Lisa's dairy farm in NY while we were there.  What a treat this was for me and Jesse having both grown up with animals of all kind, cows included.

Cooper however, having NOT been raised with cows seemed to spend an awful lot of time at the end of his leash.  He didn't want to get close to even ONE of these beasts... never mind a whole small herd of them!

The pictures I took tell this story so much better than any words I can type.  I'll just let them speak from here on.  


  1. Lizards yes, cows. . .
    not so much - hee hee!!! Too cute this last shot, Jesse!
    Happy day 60!

  2. Not 60, 57... but it's ok, he doesn't remember anyhow.