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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Book Signing With Chopper

Cooper met Chopper in CA in July at the 25th Annual Women On Wheels Ride-In.   You can read about their time together in CA in my blog post dated 7-21-11.

Chopper's mom helped Chopper write a book.  It's a book filled with great pictures of Chopper and his 'Foreverer family and friends'.
The title of the book is...
"i've been Picked! CHOPPER'S "TAIL" OF ADOPTION" 
by CHOPPER STEEDLEY-TOLAN (with a little help from Mommy)  

On September 15th, Chopper brought his Mommy and Daddy (Amanda and Tom) to Massachusetts to do a book signing at "Storybook Cove" at 2053 Washington Street in Hanover MA. Cooper's attendance was requested. What an HONOR! 

We rushed to get there on time, racing a storm in the interest of getting into the building without getting wet.  This storm threatened to SOAK everything, including us if it started before we got there.

We made it in the nick of time, and arrived about 10 minutes before the guests of honor. 

We gave them a reception of the doggly kind.  Cooper and Chopper circled chairs and chased each other around a little while sniffing their new environment and all the people who were in attendance. 

While Amanda and Tom set up, Chopper took the opportunity to go for a mall run.  He got out of the store, down the stairs and through the mall before we even realized he was missing, which was only for a few minutes.  When we got him back, Cooper and I took on the responsibility of keeping track of Chopper.

Soon children started to arrive so Cooper and Chopper had to be on best behavior. They both did great.  Amanda read the book to the children while Cooper and Chopper tried not to be too cute so the children would pay attention to the story rather than them.  When the reading was over, some children bought a book and had Amanda sign it with a stamp of Chopper's foot print.  

When all the children were gone and Cooper was able to buy his own book, we were right there with the camera.  

We had such great fun!  Chopper and Cooper were so happy to see each other again. I wish they could have played some, but this was a 'Business' trip.  Maybe when we write our "Cooper Today" books we can go to CA on our book signing tour.  When we do, you can be sure we'll plan to invite Chopper to make a guest appearance then plan a play date for them.

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