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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Guest Blog #2 Written By Lisa Simmons

Biker Buffy/Dogs on Hogs/Mutts on Motorcycles ~ Lisa Simmons 

Right after the last newsletter was published I was able to attend Bike Week in Laconia NH where I found the perfect carrier for Buffy’s motorcycle adventures. It is made specifically for carrying your dog on your bike. It is called 
The Pet Palace and is made by Kuryakyn, a reputable motorcycle luggage company. Buffy took to the new carrier very well and we rode every day we were able; visiting family, doing errands, going for an occasional ice cream. 

Buffy’s first “big” ride was the 30th Annual Toy Run on 
September 11th.  I collected all my stuffed poodles to donate to the kiddos and loaded up the bike.  Buffy thrived on all of the attention by the thousands of other bikers.  She was the perfect little biker who loved to have the wind in her hair. The only part she didn’t like was slowing down and would bark like crazy whenever we did of course this caused a lot of looks and laughter from the people watching all the bikes go by.  It was as though she was yelling “Faster faster MOM!” 

A few weeks later we got an invitation to go visit Buffy’s 
boyfriend Cooper in Pembroke Massachusetts.  This would by far be the longest ride Buffy has done.  She had never been out of the State of Maine ever.  I arranged to get out of work at 
noon, pack up the bike and be on our way so we could miss the Boston Friday afternoon traffic situation.  Well, that didn’t work out so well and we ended up walking the length of the tunnel, Buffy barking her way along because we were going so slowly.  Nearly every passing vehicle took photos and videos along the way.  I am sure her picture was posted on facebook hundreds of times that day.  When we stopped for gas just south of Boston she was plum tuckered out but refused to lay down to take a nap for fear she would miss some excitement.  She was just barely able to lie down and keep her head out of the carrier. 

The following day Buffy, Cooper and Cooper’s mom Paula participated in a charity fundraiser ride for the BFD (Brockton Fire Department).  After the ride, the furkids had fun at the firehouse and even sidled up to the bar for a refreshing beverage, compliment of the bartender.  It was still fairly early after the festivities so we rode on down to Plymouth to see the Plymouth Rock (aka Plymouth Pebble) and the replica of the Mayflower.  Buffy and I returned home the following day.  Cooper and Buffy said their goodbyes and off we rode… to the next adventure. 
Stay tuned next issue for more adventures with Buffy as well as other stories of Mutts on Motorcycles. 

You can see adventures with Cooper at www.paulajeanandcooper.blogspot.com 


  1. I'm looking at getting on of these for my dog Shelby. How much does your dog weigh?

  2. Cooper weighs 22 pounds. I think if he was any bigger this crate would be too small. Even so, at 22 pounds is a tight fit because the hole for his head is in the middle of the cover so when it's zipped closed, if he wants to put his head out, he has to contort his body and it's not very comfortable for him. I hope this helps.