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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

July 23 - The Ole' Scale House

Another beautiful day with nice weather and incredible scenery.  What can I say?  It's just what we've been blessed with.  The days are so enjoyable and no matter how much we ride, there is always something new to see.  Animals, farms, old buildings from an un-determined time.  I just blindly click and click my camera with the hopes of getting a few good pictures in the end.

We started feeling hungry, and it was getting to be time for a pee break for Cooper.  Jesse spotted a neat looking little place on the side of the road.  We pulled in to check it out.  I love to stop at fruit stands, but this place was SO MUCH MORE.  It was called the "Ole' Scale Houes" and it was exactly that.  There was an old trucking scale between two buildings.  One building sold fruit, vegetables and antiques.  The other building sold ICE CREAM!!!!!  

We stayed for an hour talking to Lori, the woman who worked there.  She was very generous with lots of answers to our many questions.  There were a couple of rooms to browse/sniff through.  We took our time.  I wonder what Cooper smells on things like this that are antique and in original condition.  Do some of the smells from their history still remain?

We got an ice cream and sat in air conditioning while we ate it.  Lori even put an old table style Juke box on for us to listen to.  Cooper had some ice cream too and he enjoyed sitting in his own comfie chair. 

We were done with out ice cream and went back out to find Lori.  Jesse sat in a rocking chair looking through an old book.  Cooper and I walked around one more time, then we decided to buy some cherries and be on our way.  Lori gave us the cherries, NO CHARGE!  I was shocked!  I don't know how she stays in business.  I don't know why she gave the cherries to us.   I wish I could have bought something from her, but to buy something means I have to figure out how to bring it home.  On a bike that's not always easy. So we took our free cherries and thanked Lori.  Cooper was happy because of all the walking he got to do, so with a quick pet on the head he was happy to be off too.

274  Miles

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