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Monday, November 7, 2011

Benefit ride with LOTS to SEE... unexpected twist - Part 5


If you have been reading for the last few days, you know Cooper and I went down on my motorcycle and I had just been transported by ambulance to the hospital.

The ride to the hospital was fine.  My wrist was really getting sore.  The EMT put a brace and an ice pack on it for me.  It was really getting swollen.  I don't know what I hit it on, but it seemed to be my only visible injury.  

We got to talk about Cooper some and I gave the EMT one of Cooper's cards.  She couldn't take any pictures for me.  We weren't sure if her employers would have thought it was poor conduct or not.  I couldn't get to my phone since I was so strapped down, or she may have taken pictures with my personal phone for me.

Getting to the hospital, Cooper was fine as long as he was with me.  No need for anyone to worry about some crazy unleashed dog running around.  He was the perfect loyal service dog who didn't budge from my side.

The doctor came in to check me out.  He helped me remove my helmet and my motorcycle shirt.  The shirt prevented me from getting road rash.  I had one small sore and a bruise on my elbow from the impact.  Not bad at all if you ask me.

They sent me to x-ray for my wrist.  Cooper stayed with me.  I actually got some poor quality pictures of that.  The technician put the lead drape right over Cooper to protect him from the x-rays.  Cooper was fine with it.  The technician asked a lot of questions about him so I gave cards to her and a couple other women in that department.  

After another short stay in our room we were sent down for a CT Scan to see about my head.  Since I hit it so hard they were concerned about concussion.  Cooper stayed on the moving table with me through the whole ordeal while the table moved me in and out of the machine.  The men in there were really impressed with how Cooper tolerated all the movements without any problem.

Wheeling me through the hospital halls on a gurney was especially fun for Cooper.  He stood at my feet at the end of the gurney to see where we were going.  He was enjoying the ride.  He doesn't care what he rides, as long as he's riding.  Lots of people would turn to look at this spectacle.  How funny it must have looked to the people there.

A little while after I got back to my room again, Jesse and Shannon came in.  Jesse had been able to ride my bike while Shannon drove his truck.  I was glad to go home.  We stopped for dinner at a friends house.  She was having a party.  We had been invited to the party, so we stopped long enough to eat.  I hadn't had anything to eat yet and it was well after 3 pm.  We didn't stay long and then we went home.  

I was glad to end the day.  My wrist was sore and my body ached a little.  My head still didn't really feel right.  I  just wanted to go to sleep.  Jesse tucked me in and there I stayed.  Safe and sound at home with Cooper. We were a VERY LUCKY TEAM this day with a HAPPY ENDING to this story.

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